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Serving Lancaster County for 18 years


Proud Supplier of Amerigreen Biofuels


A clean-burning renewable fuel made primarily from American soy beans.

It has lower emissions, and its natural cleaning agents, higher cetane and lubricity can improve engine performance, provide similar or even better fuel mileage, and reduce maintenance costs!

A fuel with superior performance characteristics, it burns cleaner than petroleum based fuels, is renewable, environmentally safer, and made here in America - that means more jobs for Americans, a stronger economy, and a more secure energy supply.

Biodiesel is completely safe and eliminates risk of damage created by new fuels that are 15PPM (Ultra Low Sulphur diesel).

Bioheating Oil

Fully tested to industry standards.

It burns more efficiently and cleaner than regular fuel oil, reducing emissions and maintenance costs, while increasing system performance and life.

Biofuels have been used in Europe 
and the Midwest for decades, and are part of a growing national trend toward clean, renewable fuels to reduce our demand for foreign fuel and generate a self-sufficient supply of energy.

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